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Facial arterial mapping - Course for practitioners

Injections of dermal fillers is one of the most commonly performed procedures in the cosmetic dermatology practice. As its usage is expanding, the possibility of complications will likely increase.

Most of the complications associated with hyaluronic acid filler use are mild, transient and reversible but some are not reversible.

The most serious complication of dermal fillers are vascular complications. Vascular events usually occur as a result of accidental intra-vascular injection of dermal filler into an artery. This serious complications due to vascular occlusion include cutaneous necrosis and blindness, which although rare can occur due to the compression of the vessel or direct intra-vascular injection.

This course will prepare you through a critical analysis of the literature concerning complication management, supported by a detailed practical component exploring the concepts surrounding the recognition, diagnosis and management of a variety of complications encountered through dermal filler treatments, including a hyalase.

The aims of the course is to learn the safe injection techniques, the concept of Doppler methodology of use and arterial mapping techniques.

08:45 am Registration

09:00 am Interactive lecture led by our expert trainers covering:

09:00 am

  • Complications in facial & neck non surgical aesthetic procedures

  • Facial and neck anatomy

11:00 am

  • Injection techniques,

  • Protocol for emergency in aesthetic medicine, contraindications and after-care

12:30 pm Lunch

13:00 pm

  • Physical principle, behind the Doppler effect

  • How to use the Doppler machine

  • How to make the markings

  • Demonstration of arterial mapping techniques

14:00 pm Practical hands-on session under the supervision of our expert trainers covering facial and neck scanning and arterial mapping on models.

17:30 pm Presentation of Certificates: on successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate for 7 hours of theory and practice for the new techniques learned.

Dates Available

21 September 2019 - fully booked
19 October 2019 - fully booked
16 April 2020 - Cancelled
17 April 2020 - Cancelled

Course cost 650

Course available as one to one edition at the cost of 950.

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