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Our Story

"The sovereign beauty which I do admire,
Witness the world how worthy to be praised:
The light whereof hath kindled heavenly fire"
Edmund Spenser

Induce Medical Aesthetic started as a dream to be built one block at a time. It was conceived as a result of an idea to create a place where client care is number one and where beauty starts from within. Our doctor and clinical director Mr Strano, MD, CCT with 29 years experience in General surgery with special interest in Aesthetic Medicine was shared this vision with our manager Ms West RGN with 20 years experience in adult care with special interest in Aesthetic Medicine.

The Aesthetic Medicine is improving cosmetic appearance, it has diverse applications for dermatological and surgical conditions. It includes indications related to minimizing signs of aging such as skin laxity, wrinkles, liver spots and etc. Aesthetic Medicine also plays a role in the treatment of excess fat, cellulite, obesity, treatment of scars, unwanted hair, skin discoloration, skin tags and spider veins. It is important that overall health is assessed by a physician to ensure that the symptom being treated (for example, weight gain and excessive hair) is not a sign of an underlying medical condition (like hypothyroidism) that should be stabilized with medical therapies. It is also very important for the medical aesthetician to be inclusive in providing a team approach for minimally invasive facial non-surgical aesthetic procedures.